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All Charities Count, Inc. helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Mission Statement

The All Charities Count Foundation Inc. mission is 
to advocate for philanthropic organizations,educate
and engage communities and encourage volunteerism
through increased participation in charitable events.

501c3 Tax ID 46-3455650

Fundraising Impact

Expanding your network of donors beyond your existing database
is critical to the growth and success of your organization. The All
Charities Count Foundation will host fundraising events on behalf of
charitable organizations. Our growing network of supporters will have
a significant impact on achieving event fundraising goals. An event
theme will be crafted for each featured organization to insure that the
event is a success and matches the mission/goals of the organization.

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Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is a growing virtual fundraising tool within the philanthropic community. Crowdfunding
creates a sense of community and expands organizational awareness within social communities that may otherwise have no knowledge of a specific cause. Crowdfunding creates a unique opportunity to achieve yearly fundraising goals.

Types of Crowdfunding

• Holiday Food & Toy Drives
• Help for Families In Need
• Specific Charitable Initiatives; Health Research,etc...

Live Events Streaming and Fundraising

Service Details

The purpose of the “Live Charity Fundraising Channel” is to maximize fundraising potential through engaging those that could not attend events but could stream live over all internet enabled devices.

Millions of people are connected to the Internet 24/7 through mobile devices such as iPads, Kindle’s, Cell Phones, laptops, etc.. and many of those people are streaming videos and content in real time.

Almost every day of the week there is a charity fundraising event that either sold out of tickets or individuals could not attend. So let’s bring the event to them……

Events we Cover:

Type of Events
Sports and Outdoor Activities Gala's Fashion Shows
Arts and Theater Food Drive Coat Drive
Meetings and Forums Poker Fundraiser Blood Drives
Film Festivals Arts Fesitvals Food Festivals