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Posted: 2017-04-21 14:13:55
Scientists bring their labs outside as they march…and then analyze their marches, because they are scientists, after all. The post The March for Science Needs All Science Fans: Find One Near...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:13:21
One leadership syndrome that’s not talked about extensively is “first post-founder executive director” syndrome. Stories of these transitions are often full of drama, recriminations, and...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:11:32
President Trump signed an executive order directing the Attorney General and the Secretaries of State, Labor, and Homeland Security to analyze and reform the rules for H-1B visas, which are used...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:10:59
Dissing Federal Judges and Other Distractions of an Ineffectual Administration
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom some consider less than fully enlightened about a lot of things, let his old-timey colonialist mentality come out to play. The post Dissing Federal Judges...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:10:33
Beyond Planned Gifts: Could Your Last Gift Be Your Burial Site?
Green burials might be a new way to go green for conservation supporters and leaders. The post Beyond Planned Gifts: Could Your Last Gift Be Your Burial Site? appeared first on Non Profit News...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:10:06
In Illinois, It Takes a Village and a Crisis to Support Affordable Housing
News that 400 public housing residents would have to leave their homes has led their community to step up and protect their neighbors. The post In Illinois, It Takes a Village and a Crisis to...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:09:04
Cultivating Leaderful Ecosystems
A critical shift is happening across the social sector. More of our partners are expanding their focus of attention from single organizations, to coalitions, to movement networks oriented around...
Posted: 2017-04-20 14:18:10
Ballmer’s USAFacts Institute: Government Data Reindexed without Spin?
Steve Ballmer’s personal multimillion-dollar investment results in open access to massive government data condensed and presented in new contexts. The post Ballmer’s USAFacts Institute: Government...
Posted: 2017-04-20 14:14:40
How Boycotts Affect Business: Examining the Dynamics of the O’Reilly Ouster
If we were to pick one tactic that stands as a sign of these times in terms of resistance, it might be the boycott. It behooves us all to understand how they work. The post How Boycotts Affect...
Posted: 2017-04-20 14:11:00
Study: Racism-Fueled Electoral Victory—The Challenge to Nonprofits and Philanthropy
The American National Election Study found that racism was a main motivator for voters in 2016. How did they come to that conclusion, and what does it mean for nonprofits? The post Study: Racism-Fueled...

Posted: 2017-04-20 19:13:35
The value of a volunteer hour was estimated to be $24.14 in 2016, up 2.5 percent from $23.56 the previous year. More than 63 million…
Posted: 2017-04-20 17:58:03
Lisa Paulsen, president and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), has stepped down from her post after 27 years leading the Los Angeles-based organization.…
Posted: 2017-04-20 13:46:31
Uncertainty has shrouded UK charities following the June 24, 2016 vote to exit the European Union. Early indications, however, indicate that the Brexit referendum has…
Posted: 2017-04-19 20:00:46
Osberg Stepping Down At Skoll Foundation
Sally Osberg will step down as president and CEO of the Skoll Foundation after 16 years, only hold those posts in the foundation’s history. She…
Posted: 2017-04-17 20:53:57
Feeding America, Walmart Target 100 Million Meals
Walmart has launched a nationwide initiative to fight hunger and support local Feeding America food banks through instore, online, and social participation through May 15.…
Posted: 2017-04-17 18:46:12
Travel Writer Gifts Apartment Complex To YWCA
The YWCA of Seattle | King | Snohomish received a donation from travel writer and host Rick Steves sooner than originally expected. The Edmonds, Wash.-based…
Posted: 2017-04-17 16:41:22
Advocacy Groups Challenge Ethics Laws
Two advocacy organizations for nonprofits have challenged provisions of an ethics law approved last year in New York State that they contend is unconstitutional and…
Posted: 2017-04-13 20:26:12
Feed The Children Sued By Former CEO
Feed The Children (FTC) is under fire again, this time by the short-lived CEO who leveled accusations about the board’s oversight in a lawsuit filed…
Posted: 2017-04-12 19:30:58
Millennials Feel Good Vibrations With Ministry Donations
Millennial donors associate more positive emotions with giving to ministries than non-Millennials. Millennials are also more motivated by internal desires to give as opposed to…
Posted: 2017-04-12 18:58:28
Grantmaking Up In Pacific Northwest
Grantmaking in the Pacific Northwest jumped by more than 40 percent between 2012 and 2014, with health and education accounting for the largest portion of…

Posted: 2017-04-21 17:30:00
President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at this week’s Food Bank For New York City Can Do Awards with his friend and the evening’s emcee Mario Batali to emphasize the need...
Posted: 2017-04-21 16:00:00
Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, will be featured on the April 22nd episode of NBC’s GIVE, which introduces viewers to the world of philanthropy through the...
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:30:00
The TJ Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS research has announced its 2017 Women of Influence Awards which will be held Friday, May 12, 2017 at The Plaza Hotel, Grand Ballroom...
Posted: 2017-04-21 13:00:00
The Felix Organization Celebrates 11 Years With Dance This Way Benefit
The Felix Organization will celebrate its eleventh birthday and Foster Care Awareness Month with “Dance This Way”, a Dance-a-thon inspired Fundraiser, on May 7. Co-founded by...
Posted: 2017-04-21 12:00:00
Video Spotlight: Angela Merkel's Message for Global Citizens
German Chancellor Angela Merkel remarks on Global Citizens’ engagement ahead of Global Citizen Festival on the July 6 in Hamburg. Global Citizen is a social action platform for a global...
Posted: 2017-04-21 11:30:00
Margaret Atwood Worries About A Dystopian Future
Written by Elizabeth Willoughby Following the US election of Donald Trump last November, Canadian author Margaret Atwood sees in America some elements of the dystopian futures that are a...
Posted: 2017-04-21 11:00:00
Spotlight: Molly Sims's Charity Work
In addition to participating on an Operation Smile medical mission to Lima, Peru, in 2007, actress and model Molly Sims, best known for her role on the popular TV show “Las Vegas,”...
Posted: 2017-04-20 17:30:00
Questlove And Derek Muller To Co-Host March For Science Earth Day 2017
On Earth Day, April 22, Earth Day Network and March for Science will together host the March for Science Earth Day 2017 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Starting at 8am ET, scientists,...
Posted: 2017-04-20 16:00:00
More Celebrities Announced For WE Day California
More artists have been announced for next week’s WE Day California. Announced today, Paula Abdul, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Laverne Cox, Evan Goldberg, Jessie J, Xzibit and...
Posted: 2017-04-20 14:30:00
Michael Phelps Wants A New Generation To Save Water
In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Colgate is proud to announce that one of the most decorated athletes of all-time, swimmer Michael Phelps, is joining the company’s water conservation...

Posted: 2017-04-22 00:09:39
<br>Like any good dreamer, Dick Fagan spent time writing, listening, and staring out his office window, a detail which is important to this story.More than 70 years ago, from his desk on...
Posted: 2017-04-21 23:44:55
<br>Sometimes our smallest victories aren't that small at all."This Is Autism," a photo series produced by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, illustrates that point beautifully. The photos...
Posted: 2017-04-21 21:54:14
This is your brain on drug policy.<br>Rachael Leigh Cook is back with the sequel to 1997's "your brain on drugs" PSA we didn't know we needed until now.You might think that if she were...
Posted: 2017-04-21 21:18:03
While visiting Trump's White House, this NFL player posted a powerful letter to Obama.
<br>Every year, the winning NFL Super Bowl team gets to visit the White House and meet the president. It's supposed to be a great honor.This year, the champion New England Patriots got...
Posted: 2017-04-21 20:56:51
9 reasons you shouldn't throw away clothes, and 4 things you can do instead.
Textile waste is a real problem that so often goes overlooked.<br>It's springtime! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and everyone's ready to clean out their closets. ...
Posted: 2017-04-21 16:29:05
Anyone who's lost a parent can relate to Prince Harry's candid chat with his brother.
'It's very easy to run away from it, to walk away from it and avoid it the whole time.'<br>Prince William and Prince Harry are finally opening up about one of the toughest subjects imaginable:...
Posted: 2017-04-21 16:20:13
Even if you can't make the March for Science, you can make a difference. Here's how.
<br>Scientists are fed up. And on April 22, 2017 — Earth Day — they're taking their issues to the streets.The March for Science is a global movement to show policymakers why allowing...
Posted: 2017-04-20 23:08:36
Anne Hathaway reveals an uncomfortable truth about her own sexist behavior.
The actress opened up about her own biases in a powerful interview.<br>Anne Hathaway is getting a lot of praise for her surprising confession about on-set misogyny in a recent interview.Sitting...
Posted: 2017-04-20 20:33:23
Neil deGrasse Tyson's new viral video is straight-up scientific fire.
<br>Science is part of how America became America, Neil deGrasse Tyson says in a new video. In the video, Tyson delivers what he says might be his most important message ever: America — stop...
Posted: 2017-04-20 18:13:51
She's always been good enough to play with the guys. She even made history doing it.
<br>Becca Longo is making history as the reported first female athlete to receive a football scholarship to a NCAA Division II college. But it almost didn't happen. Becca always wanted...

Posted: 2017-04-21 20:45:44
This mobile solar power station offers a lightweight high-capacity lithium-ion battery with all the bells and whistles.
Posted: 2017-04-21 19:40:13
The number of failed retail spaces is growing, and this filmmaker is digitally preserving these places before they are disappear.
Posted: 2017-04-21 19:33:57
Most of them concede that it's happening and is caused by humans, but they are not doing much about it.
Posted: 2017-04-21 19:00:00
Photo: Why do catfish have whiskers?
The wacky whiskers of this striped catfish beg the question: Why?
Posted: 2017-04-21 17:35:44
Kentucky coal museum goes solar (and miners made it happen)
When the coal industry turned its back on workers, they created a powerful solar lobby.
Posted: 2017-04-21 17:16:00
Vancouver Aquarium bans water bottles and other disposable plastics
From now on, thirsty visitors can refill their own bottles at water fountains or grab a reusable cup in the cafeteria.
Posted: 2017-04-21 15:12:00
Apparel brands need to be more transparent about where clothes come from
A new report called 'Follow the Thread' assesses the willingness of 72 companies to publish important supply chain information.
Posted: 2017-04-21 14:55:38
8 'shower plants' that want to live in your bathroom
Want to turn your bathroom into an easy oasis? Try this.
Posted: 2017-04-21 13:53:12
Drivers look at their phones on 88 percent of trips
Perhaps it’s time to fix the phones.
Posted: 2017-04-21 11:30:31
Naked mole-rats can live without oxygen, they just act like plants … wait, what?
In the ever beautifully bizarre world of nature’s strangest mammal, the naked mole-rat can live for nearly 20 minutes without oxygen. Here’s how.

Posted: 2017-04-20 20:00:15
At an early age, when her grandfather died from a brain abscess that began as a minor ear infection, Dr. Milan Maharjan […]
Posted: 2017-04-17 16:00:40
  Just hours after the deadly Sarin strike in Idlib Province on April 4, Direct Relief received an email from Dr. Ahmad […]
Posted: 2017-04-06 22:37:25
Direct Relief today committed an initial $200,000 in cash and made available $32 million in medical resources for relief and recovery efforts […]
Posted: 2017-04-05 18:34:26
As Syrian Civil War Wages On, Direct Relief Aids Refugees in Country and Beyond
As new headlines surface about enduring turmoil and devastation in Syria, Direct Relief remains committed to supporting healthcare workers on the frontline of this […]
Posted: 2017-04-04 22:30:12
Emergency Medical Aid En Route to Colombia Following Flooding, Landslide
The first of several shipments bound for Colombia’s devastated southwestern Putumayo region is expected to arrive in the country Wednesday. The shipment […]
Posted: 2017-03-30 18:26:25
Mary’s Center Opens the Door to Health for Juan and Milagros
Editor’s note: The post below was originally published by Mary’s Center, a community health center that provides health care and other services […]
Posted: 2017-03-25 01:18:21
Direct Relief Delivers Emergency Medical Aid to Peru, Briefs Peruvian Consul General on Flood Response
As deadly flooding persists in Peru, Direct Relief mobilized a second shipment of more than 23,000 pounds of medicines and medical aid to […]

Posted: 2017-04-22 16:00:21
Editor’s note: Earlier this month, the European Parliament passed a resolution aiming to limit the import of palm oil that
Posted: 2017-04-21 12:00:42
This Earth Day (April 22), you could be forgiven for feeling gloomy about the state of our planet. No human
Posted: 2017-04-19 14:47:46
As “big” problems go, climate change is in a class of its own: maddeningly complex, almost intangible, and bespeaking a
Posted: 2017-04-17 14:00:00
Coffee sector brewing plans to save your morning cup
To ensure sustainable coffee for the future, CI's Sustainable Coffee Challenge unveiled a new plan of attack at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle this month.
Posted: 2017-04-12 18:58:53
Study spawns new method to curb overfishing
A new study offers a clearer picture of whether the ocean’s fisheries can continue to feed humanity into the future.
Posted: 2017-04-10 13:30:08
‘Surf and turf’ can have carbon footprint of cross-country road trip: study
Dining out? You may want to think twice before ordering the “surf and turf special.” The carbon footprint of a
Posted: 2017-04-07 14:00:00
What we’re reading: Hardships and hope in Peru; new research on forests and water
News you might have missed from the world of conservation.
Posted: 2017-04-04 22:54:50
In Madagascar, rush for precious stones threatens a precious forest
The recent “sapphire rush” in Madagascar poses an urgent and destructive threat to the nation's forests and people.
Posted: 2017-04-03 14:00:00
Climate-induced species migrations could upend human society: study
A new study in Science on climate change's effect on mass species migration reveals the impact on humans will be monumental.
Posted: 2017-03-31 20:18:52
Coins, cigarettes, stewardship: In Indonesia, ocean conservation means giving back
In Indonesia, doing business with the ocean is a two-way street. Now, a new landmark investment looks to uphold our end of the bargain — forever.

Posted: 2017-04-17 15:43:54
New Ponds Provide Water and Stabilityby: Action Against Hunger USAApril 17, 2017Facebook Twitter Google+ Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Preah Vihear...
Posted: 2017-04-03 20:53:46
Strike a pose! Join the #KneippGrows movement and your next selfie could help nourish a child’s future. by: Action Against Hunger USAApril 3, 2017Facebook Twitter Google+ ...
Posted: 2017-03-29 14:59:08
In Uganda’s Bidibidi settlement, community hygiene promoters teach their neighbors healthy habitsby: Radhika ShahMarch 29, 2017Facebook Twitter Google+ Photo:...

Posted: 2017-04-22 21:27:00
Disney Professional PAID Internships provide professional work experiences for college students that enable them to apply their classroom studies. The internships are paid and may include housing...
Posted: 2017-04-22 21:23:00
ESPN Internships are offered in the fall, spring and summer for college students who will be entering their final year of college following the internship program. Positions are offered in the...
Posted: 2017-04-21 02:10:00
Smithsonian Institution Internships are offered across a wide array of disciplines and departments. Internships are available for college juniors, seniors and graduate students. Students should...
Posted: 2017-04-15 02:00:00
The Academy Gold Talent Development and Inclusion Program
The Academy Gold Talent Development and Inclusion Program offers summer internships to college students who have a strong interest in film making and the motion picture industry. Applicants must...
Posted: 2017-04-13 00:10:00
IRS Student Internships
IRS Student Internships offer a paid summer work experience program for all college students enrolled in a master’s program and majoring in accounting. Interns will work in the company's...
Posted: 2017-04-13 00:01:00
Expedia Internships
Expedia Internships are offered to college students in a variety of disciplines. Positions can be found within technology, marketing, business and finance.Paid internships are offered every summer...
Posted: 2017-04-12 02:56:00
State Farm Internships
State Farm Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate college students. The internship program is for 11 weeks beginning in May of each year.Corporate internship positions are located...
Posted: 2017-04-12 02:54:00
Amazon Internships
Amazon Internships are available to college students currently pursuing an undergraduate, technical, or MBA or Masters degree.Internships are available in the areas of human resources, operations,...
Posted: 2017-04-01 02:00:00
Jet Internships
Jet Internships are available to college students who want to work for a technology company with a casual work style and many benefits. Summer internship positions are available across several...
Posted: 2017-03-31 02:00:00
Ericsson Internships
Ericsson Internships offers college students experiential learning at a global company making products that impact peoples lives. Summer internships are available to students pursuing a bachelors,...

Posted: 2017-04-23 03:02:00
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The roar of the crowd of thousands of scientists and supporters rippled up and down Constitution Avenue like a wave on Saturday. It found two fitting sounding boards...
Posted: 2017-04-21 16:47:00
Addressing climate change using sound science is crucial not just for the U.S., but for the world. Unfortunately, that appears...
Posted: 2017-04-21 16:45:00
The Trump administration is cutting down on greenhouse gases . . . on its websites, that is. The Department of Energy’s pages on bioenergy and wind energy as well as transportation have...
Posted: 2017-04-20 22:00:00
This App Shows What Sea Level Rise Will Do
The homescreen of After Ice, an app that uses augmented reality to show users what sea level rise will look like in New York. The...
Posted: 2017-04-20 20:06:00
We Just Breached the 410 Parts Per Million Threshold
The world just passed another round-numbered climate milestone. Scientists predicted it would happen this year and lo and behold, it has. On Tuesday, the Mauna Loa Observatory recorded its first-ever...
Posted: 2017-04-20 18:15:00
The March For Science is Heading to Greenland
Field research season is getting underway in Greenland. Scientists are racing to the island for the few months a year when the towering ice sheet is accessible. Despite the scramble to get as...
Posted: 2017-04-20 14:54:00
A Cooler Future May Hinge on Removing CO2 From the Air
Climate pollution equal to about 27 times humans’ 2015 carbon dioxide emissions may have to be removed from the atmosphere and locked underground forever in order to keep the globe from...
Posted: 2017-04-19 17:19:00
Antarctic Surface Melt More Widespread Than Thought
Since the days of the great early 20th century polar explorers, scientists have noticed the unbelievably bright blue ponds and streams of meltwater that can form on the glaciers and ice shelves...
Posted: 2017-04-19 16:42:00
This Graphic Puts Global Warming in Full Perspective
To say the world is having a streak like no other is an understatement. Global warming has made cold scarce on a planetary scale. This March clocked in as the second warmest March on record...
Posted: 2017-04-18 20:15:00
Harvard Scientists Taking Geoengineering Into the Field
Geoengineering has been a topic on the fringe of climate discussions for more than a decade, but it’s been edging ever closer to the mainstream as carbon pollution rises. It’s slated...