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Posted: 2018-01-17 15:44:12
Today, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears arguments regarding the state’s congressional districting map. The case’s importance prompted the Pittsburgh Foundation to file a “friend of...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:43:13
There are some philanthropic gifts that could be the death of you. This multimillion-dollar gift could be in that category. The post $30M Donation: Too Good to Turn Down, or Too Risky to Accept?...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:42:19
Across the US, museums are struggling to grow—or even maintain—attendance, yet many continue to raise admission prices to balance tight budgets. Some critics feel access should be free, or...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:41:42
BlackRock CEO Urges Private Industry to Consider its Overall Impact
BlackRock’s CEO is pushing companies to show how they “make a positive contribution to society.” Although the optics and the principle are good, how effective will this be as a campaign? The...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:40:51
Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep a Nonprofit Away
When it comes to wild horses, Tami Fawcett has a few ideas on what we can do to be both proactive and compassionate. The post Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep a Nonprofit Away appeared first on Non...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:39:03
Arson Nonprofit Closed in Michigan after Sole Funder Pulls Out
In Michigan, an organization with a unique mission and a single source of funding goes under. Some may not notice the tree falling, but those who have lived in cities where arson takes hold know...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:38:28
Hunger Persists in the Shadow of Abundance
Rampant hunger is impossible to reconcile with our national image of plenty. The post Hunger Persists in the Shadow of Abundance appeared first on Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly.
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:12:53
The Leadership Ethos: How What We Believe Can Inform Our Leadership Practices
“The practice of leadership,” writes Jeanne Bell, “is not neutral.” Our different values, beliefs, and politics influence our leadership decisions—consciously or not. In this important...
Posted: 2018-01-16 15:53:08
Digital Campaigns Inspire Positive Change
These awards celebrate examples of the art and science of changing hearts and minds. They also remind us all of the need to consider how we can creatively communicate our nonprofits’ own messages. The...
Posted: 2018-01-16 15:47:31
CMS Opens Door to State Medicaid Work Requirements
The Trump administration continues its attack on poor Americans with new policies allowing states to impose mandatory work requirements on Medicaid recipients. The post CMS Opens Door to State...

Posted: 2018-01-16 21:36:19
Recent Congressional interest in limiting foreign interference in the U.S. political process risks ensnaring nonprofit organizations. A bill sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and…
Posted: 2018-01-15 21:18:45
Giving via PayPal during this past holiday season was up 19.4 percent compared to 2016, with users contributing more than $1.1 billion. More than one…
Posted: 2018-01-15 21:09:09
It remains to be seen exactly how charitable giving will be impacted by tax reform legislation passed last month but the latest estimate has the…
Posted: 2018-01-15 17:59:32
Putting Pedal To The Metal When ‘Delivering’ Services
It’s sometimes easy to forget about the travel element of delivering community programming. Staff must get around town and services must be delivered – literally…
Posted: 2018-01-12 22:05:23
Blackbaud Taps LaCour As Global Marketing Head
Catherine Cook LaCour was promoted to chief marketing officer at Blackbaud, Inc., overseeing global marketing and the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. The Charleston, S.C.-based…
Posted: 2018-01-12 19:54:10
Bezos Donates $33 Million For Dreamers’ Educations
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, took to Twitter in June 2017 to ask for ideas about a philanthropy…
Posted: 2018-01-09 18:42:28
Aviv Leaves Feeding America, CEO Search Underway
Diana Aviv has resigned as CEO of Feeding America after a little more than two years leading the hunger-fighting charity. The Chicago-based organization announced that…
Posted: 2018-01-09 18:25:05
Direct Mail Continues Driving Planned Giving
The national office of the Make-A-Wish Foundation has seen revenue from planned gifts just about triple during the past four years, growing from about $2…
Posted: 2018-01-02 21:56:33
Fundraisers, Influencers Plan Summit To Move Giving Needle
Approximately two dozen fundraising and nonprofit influencers are slated to meet in Dallas on Feb. 7 in an attempt to come up with a plan…
Posted: 2017-12-26 21:09:41
#MobileOnly Challenges Broadband Access Standards
Many of us have been there. Wandering around the room looking for a spot that will take us from one bar to two on mobile…

Posted: 2018-01-17 17:00:00
The Duke of Cambridge recently visited ‘Campaign Against Living Miserably’ (CALM), a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, to lend his support to their ‘Best Man Project’. The...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:30:00
On January 26, Fleetwood Mac will be honored with the MusiCares Person Of The Year award, and more artists have been announced to perform. Miley Cyrus will join Imagine Dragons, Juanes, Alison...
Posted: 2018-01-17 14:00:00
Chris Cornell's family has released a new PSA video vowing to continue raising awareness for the human rights causes their father was dedicated to set to the backdrop of his current Best Rock...
Posted: 2018-01-17 12:45:00
Your Chance To Live Under Stephen Colbert's Desk With Jon Stewart
Here’s your chance to live under Stephen Colbert's desk with Jon Stewart during a taping of The Late Show. Live Under Stephen Colbert's Desk with Jon StewartFun fact: Jon Stewart has been...
Posted: 2018-01-17 11:00:00
Stars Of The Post Join Reporters Without Borders Chairman For Paris Premiere
Peter Price, Chairman of Reporters Without Borders (RSF USA), joined RSF President, Christophe Deloire, to welcome Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep to the Paris premiere of The Post. Meryl...
Posted: 2018-01-17 11:00:00
Spotlight: Jewel's Charity Work
Jewel Kilcher first claimed fame in 1995, when her sultry voice dripped seductively over the twelve-time Platinum selling album “Pieces of You.” It was an album that was filled to...
Posted: 2018-01-17 10:00:00
Spotlight: Robert F Kennedy Memorial's Celebrity Supporters
Also known as the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Dedicated to advancing the human rights movement through providing innovative support to courageous human rights defenders around the...
Posted: 2018-01-16 17:00:00
James Cromwell Honored With PETA's Hero To Animals Award
Last week, at the height of awards season, film and television icon James Cromwell received PETA's annual Hero to Animals Award for his lifetime of activism at a special dinner at Sublime Restaurant...
Posted: 2018-01-16 15:30:00
WWE Supports 12 Charities With New Facebook Watch Show
WWE today unveiled the 12 charitable organizations paired up with WWE Superstars competing in Mixed Match Challenge, a single-elimination mixed tag-team tournament, where the winning team will...
Posted: 2018-01-16 14:00:00
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Collaborates With GenZ YouTube Star Sebastian Villalobos
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is now working with one of the top digital influencers and creators in the world, Sebastian Villalobos, helping ensure that the St. Jude mission –...

Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
ߑ Hawaii missile mess: That was no 'wrong button.' Take a look. via
ߑ Hawaii missile mess: That was no 'wrong button.' Take a look. via
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
ߑ Cops: Teacher had sex with teen, said risk was "worth it" via
ߑ Cops: Teacher had sex with teen, said risk was "worth it" via
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
ߑ Chrissy Teigen Boldly Offers to Pay Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney's 100k Fine If She Speaks at Larry Nasser Hearing via
ߑ Chrissy Teigen Boldly Offers to Pay Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney's 100k Fine If She Speaks at Larry Nasser Hearing via
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
ߑ It Was Only When I Quit Drinking That I Realized How Bad It Was for Me via
ߑ It Was Only When I Quit Drinking That I Realized How Bad It Was for Me via
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
ߑ This Is What It Looks Like When A Guy Gets A 'Dick Job' via
ߑ This Is What It Looks Like When A Guy Gets A 'Dick Job' via
Posted: 2018-01-17 22:18:09
ߑ Clever and actually well done. via
ߑ Clever and actually well done. via

Posted: 2018-01-17 19:39:07
A boring bathroom gets an amazing hand-drawn makeover.
Posted: 2018-01-17 18:25:00
Host gatherings with friends both outdoors and in your home, while sharing food prep to make it more affordable.
Posted: 2018-01-17 16:58:22
On TreeHugger we often say, "Take the stairs!" But escalators have changed how we get around.
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:47:00
UK supermarket promises to go plastic-free by 2023
The fact that Iceland specializes in frozen food has not daunted its directors, who say they'll switch to recyclable paper and pulp trays.
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:40:24
"ReNEWable Living Home" opens Orlando Builders Show, and it's not totally horrible
There are lessons to be learned from this model home built by Meritage, even if it is big and beige.
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:10:00
'There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather' is a Scandinavian mom's guide to raising kids
Written by one of my favorite bloggers, this new book will inspire and guide readers to install a love for nature in their children.
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:01:43
Library opens in Turkey with books collected by sanitation workers
Thousands of books destined for the landfill have been rescued by garbage collectors and are now available to the public.
Posted: 2018-01-17 13:33:55
Photo: Double rainbow brightens up Yosemite
Our lucky photo of the day was taken from Yosemite's Tioga Pass Road.
Posted: 2018-01-17 11:55:26
New, lower cost Nest Thermostat E: First impressions
The smartest features of a smart thermostat may actually be the pretty simple.
Posted: 2018-01-17 11:05:50
University of New South Wales to go 100% solar powered
There's a renewable energy arms race going on in academia. UNSW just blew the competition out the water.

Posted: 2018-01-17 17:28:55
Direct Relief Direct Relief - Powerful rains washed over fire-denuded hillsides eight days ago, creating deadly and devastating flooding for communities across Southern California. First responders...
Posted: 2018-01-17 15:11:33
Direct Relief Direct Relief - How do you prepare your family for an emergency evacuation? Properly wear a face mask? Keep pets safe during a tornado? Find […] WikiHow Supports Direct...
Posted: 2018-01-17 00:43:03
Direct Relief Direct Relief - After more than a week spent trudging through the stagnant floodwaters and thick mud layering Montecito in search of survivors, emergency response […] Local...
Posted: 2018-01-15 19:33:17
In Aftermath of Deadly Mudslides, Direct Relief and Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics Offer Free Tetanus Vaccines to Responders, Cleanup Workers, and Residents
Direct Relief Direct Relief - Direct Relief and the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, in coordination with the Santa Barbara Department of Public Health, will offer tetanus (Tdap) […] In...
Posted: 2018-01-12 11:04:57
Direct Relief Donates Rugged ATVs, Rescue Gear for Search and Rescue in Montecito
Direct Relief Direct Relief - As search and rescue efforts continue throughout Montecito after this week’s devastating mudslide, Direct Relief is supplying first responders with specialized...
Posted: 2018-01-04 23:58:33
Support Offered as East Coast Storms Bring Hurricane-Force Winds, Record-Low Temperatures
Direct Relief Direct Relief - Hurricane-force winds, extreme snowfall, and record-low temperatures continue to threaten communities from Maine to Florida on the East Coast. Weather forecasters...
Posted: 2017-12-30 17:38:00
2017, Captured
Direct Relief Direct Relief - 2017 saw more large-scale emergencies in sequence than ever before in Direct Relief’s history. It also gave reasons for hope, revealed in […] 2017,...
Posted: 2017-12-29 19:43:57
From California to Madagascar: Direct Relief in 2017
Direct Relief Direct Relief - In 2017, Direct Relief supported locally-run healthcare facilities in more than 90 countries and across all 50 U.S. states, while responding to […] From...
Posted: 2017-12-22 18:10:31
In a Season of Giving, Needed Medicines Reach Still-Recovering Puerto Rico
Direct Relief Direct Relief - As Puerto Rico celebrates the holidays and looks ahead to a new year, a fresh infusion of medicine arrived Monday – a week […] In a Season of Giving,...
Posted: 2017-12-19 12:03:00
Direct Relief Airlifts 79,365 lbs of Emergency Medical Aid to Puerto Rico
Direct Relief Direct Relief - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A Direct Relief-chartered aircraft landed Monday at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan with 79,365 […] Direct...

Posted: 2018-01-16 16:30:04
McDonald's committed to making 100 percent of its packaging sustainable by 2025.
Posted: 2018-01-12 21:52:06
Conservation International remembers Leon Rajaobelina, longtime head of the Madagascar program.
Posted: 2018-01-11 19:27:45
Here are three books about the environment that you should add to your reading list.
Posted: 2018-01-09 21:39:32
Reefs are losing recovery time between bleaching events, experts say
A recent study finds that warmer waters are causing an increase in coral bleaching events.
Posted: 2018-01-08 18:38:14
In case you missed it: 3 big stories from our world
Here are three big stories about the environment that you may have missed this week.
Posted: 2018-01-05 19:32:34
In South America, are the tides turning against illegal fishing?
A Conservation International scientist explains how the Ecuadorean government handled a case of illegal fishing.
Posted: 2018-01-03 19:43:25
Takeout produces a lot of trash. It doesn’t have to
The latest Climate Lab video discusses how to be environmentally responsible with takeout.
Posted: 2018-01-02 21:48:54
Scientists say nature should be ‘no-brainer’ for climate action
Scientists show that preserving nature is needed to fight climate change.
Posted: 2018-01-01 15:00:08
5 ways to go green
Here are five ways you can help the environment this year.
Posted: 2017-12-29 15:00:20
Best of 2017: 5 myths about farmed seafood
Farmed seafood has a bad rap. How do we know what information is true?

Posted: 2018-01-11 05:03:00
By Joyce HuberYear Up is an organization whose mission is to provide urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support they need to empower them to reach their potential through higher...
Posted: 2017-12-29 04:29:00
By Joyce HuberIn 2017, Vault, an online company that provides rankings, ratings and reviews on companies, invited more than 400 organizations to distribute a survey to current and former interns....
Posted: 2017-12-28 16:32:00
Netflix offers students and grads an opportunity to work for a leading media and video-on-demand company that offers competitive salaries and a work life philosophy not found at most other companies,...
Posted: 2017-12-27 21:51:00
McKinsey & Co. Internships
McKinsey & Co. Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Internships are offered all year round for students in their fourth...
Posted: 2017-12-27 21:19:00
Mercedes-Benz Internships
Mercedes-Benz Internships are open to current college students or students planning to enter a degree program. Internships are offered in a wide arrange of disciplines and last anywhere from...
Posted: 2017-12-27 20:38:00
Bloomberg Internships
Bloomberg Internships are open to undergrads or postgrads in fields from finance to news and from technology to clean energy. Summer interns who perform well will have a good chance to interview...
Posted: 2017-12-27 20:08:00
Samsung Internships
Samsung Internships are offered to college students in a wide variety of both technical and non-technical positions. The Samsung Summer Internship program is designed to introduce college students...
Posted: 2017-12-27 18:16:00
Spotify Internships
Spotify Internships are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students; undergraduate students should be in their second or third year of college. Internships are paid.Summer, paid internships...

Posted: 2017-12-27 14:46:00
Following a year of weather extremes, disasters and policy clashes, we asked our readers to help us pick out the most important climate stories from the U.S. in 2017. Here's what you said. HURRICANES This...

Posted: 2018-01-12 14:54:33
The woman was not seriously injured even though animal "chomped down," a witness said.
Posted: 2018-01-12 01:37:27
It's not just a tragic coincidence that the region is facing back-to-back disasters.
Posted: 2018-01-11 21:45:44
Unheeded evacuation warnings, late emergency alerts and an area primed for flooding after wildfires all were factors.
Posted: 2018-01-11 05:52:27
This Sea Turtle Population Is Almost All Female, Thanks To Climate Change
In the northern Great Barrier Reef, juvenile green sea turtles are 99 percent female.
Posted: 2018-01-10 17:23:21
Photos Capture Brutal Devastation Of California Mudslides
"It looked like a World War I battlefield," Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.
Posted: 2018-01-10 00:01:02
The Agency That Approves Pipelines Is About To Get A Trump-Era Overhaul
Activists have been fighting with this government entity for years. Now, it's getting revamped.
Posted: 2018-01-09 21:20:00
It Even Snowed In The Sahara Desert
Take a look at the stunning images captured by a local photographer.
Posted: 2018-01-09 20:01:17
Here's How Frozen Alligators Survived Last Week's Winter Blast
A video from North Carolina shows that gators, despite their small brains, are capable of amazing survival tactics.
Posted: 2018-01-09 00:01:10
Dogs Are Dying After Being Left Out In The Cold. Here's How To Keep Them Safe.
Hint: If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog.
Posted: 2018-01-08 21:35:27
U.S. Energy Regulator Rejects Plan To Aid Coal, Nuclear
The move was a blow to Energy Secretary Rick Perry.