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Posted: 2017-04-20 18:15:00

Field research season is getting underway in Greenland. Scientists are racing to the island for the few months a year when the towering ice sheet is accessible.

Despite the scramble to get as much research done as possible in such a tiny window, scientists will take a moment on Saturday to march in solidarity with thousands of other researchers around the globe.

Scientists were among the protestors the Women's March in Washington, D.C.
Credit: duluoz cats/flickr

Yes, the March for Science is happening in two remote outposts in one of the most remote countries on earth. One event is officially sanctioned, the other a rogue march (well, actually ski). But both are being driven by scientists who want to see science used to inform rational, evidence-based decisions.

Climate science will be the driving theme at both. After all, the majority of the scientists are in Greenland to study the impact of climate change on the expansive ice sheet that blankets the island. Their work is crucial for policymakers along the coast who will have

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