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Posted: 2018-05-23 17:28:39

College is tough. Not only are you expected to keep up with a rigorous academic schedule, but you also might have internships, jobs, sports, a social life or all of the above to balance. Add a bad situation ― a car accident, financial troubles ― to the mix, and it can seem the world is crumbling down.

But thankfully, sometimes there are strangers who go out of their way to lend a hand when a student needs it the most.

In honor of graduation season (congrats, class of 2018!), we rounded up a few stories about random acts of kindness people experienced when they were in college. The tales are part of The Good Kind, an editorial project at HuffPost that aims to highlight unexpected kindness that people have received from someone they didn’t know. These stories range from simple acts that brightened a person’s day to grand gestures that changed a person’s life.

Take a look at a few of the submissions below:

“I was the first person in my family to go away to college, and I was considering dropping out, so this woman made more of a difference in my life than she could have imagined ...”

When I was a poor freshman flying some budget airline back to college after Christmas break, the airline canceled my flight into Spokane and left me stranded overnight in Seattle. As I stood at the customer service counter fighting back tears because I didn’t have money for a hotel or cab and was thousands of miles from home, a woman noticed me and said she’d like me to come home with her family overnight and she’d get me to the airport in the morning. She had her own two kids to worry about, having just gotten off the same long flight as me, but she refused to leave me alone to spend the night in the airport. She took me to her home and had her own kids double up in one bedroom so she could put me in her daughter’s room (after she gave me all her contact info and told me to call my mom and let her know where I would be.) Now that I have kids of my own and a crazy busy life, I appreciate

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