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Posted: 2018-10-30 13:54:52, the philanthropic arm of the search engine firm, is committing $25 million in grants and additional expertise to find the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for social good.

The money will be segmented into support from Google’s AI experts, grant funding from a $25 million pool, credit and consulting from Google Cloud. The Google AI Impact Challenge is an open call to nonprofits, social enterprises, and research institutions around the world.

The announcement was made by Jacquelline Fuller, a vice president at Google and president of and Jeff Dean, Google senior fellow and senior vice president of Google AI via the organization’s blog.

The authors wrote in the blog post “we’re far from having all the answers — or even knowing all the questions. We want people from as many backgrounds as possible to surface problems that AI can help solve, and to be empowered to create solutions themselves. So as a part of AI for Social Good, we’re also launching the Google AI Impact Challenge, a global call for nonprofits, academics, and social enterprises from around the world to submit proposals on how they could use AI to help address some of the world’s greatest social, humanitarian and environmental problems.” is seeking projects across a range of social impact domains and levels of technical expertise, from organizations that are experienced in AI to those with an idea for how they could be putting data to better use. AI and its sub-category of machine learning (ML) are characterized by a process of training a piece of software, called a model, to generate new outputs based on a set of data inputs, according to For example, it would be predicting a sports team’s performance based on past record. This model can then provide predictions about previously unseen data.

AI models can range from linear regressions run in Excel to sophisticated deep learning algorithms run on AI platforms. is open to applications

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